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Saturday, September 10, 2016

The finch blend fiasco

I thought I had a great bargain on some black thistle mixed with small round seeds (millet?). I have two finch feeders next to each other, so I filled one with this stuff. I should have taken a photo. My feeder with Wild Birds Unlimited nyjer seed was covered with goldfinches. There were ZERO going for this so-called "Finch Food."Never again!

Not all bird food is created equal. Wild Birds Unlimited chooses the best seeds for our local birds and receives a fresh shipment weekly. Big box stores create a blend that might have a little of something for the birds in the East and maybe something thrown in for the birds on the West or they may just choose the cheapest seeds.

We buy so many tons each week that our prices are usually the same or better than competitors if you took out the filler seeds from their bags and matched it with just the seeds that the birds in our area actually eat.

At the feeders American Goldfinches like sunflower or Nyjer® (thistle) only. I like to use straight Nyjer® (thistle) in my feeders. The squirrels don’t like that seed and I know the goldfinches love it. Don’t use any finch blends with canary seed, rape seed or flax seed. In feeder studies these seeds along with milo, oats and wheat were found to be the least attractive to birds and will be tossed to the ground. And goldfinches don't eat millet.

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