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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Juvenile delinquent hawk

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
I don't know if we have a juvenile delinquent hawk, just young and inexperienced hawk or a hawk with ADHD. When I come home from work he breezes through, making all the birds panic. He doesn't do the usual patient perch and pounce tactic of older hawks. He flies in perches for two seconds and then is off again, only to return a couple minutes later to repeat the mad flight pattern.

We had a really good year for cardinals. I have at least 50 feeding in the morning and evening. They chip, chip, chip excitedly after I fill the feeders. Then this hoodlum hawk makes his appearance and whack. It is inevitable that one hits a window as it tries to make a quick get away. One cardinal took a knock on the head, but he recovered quickly. Fortunately there have been no fatalities. Although I don't mind if the hawk feeds, I just wish he would figure out how without causing all the havoc.
He hasn't been around for a couple days, so I hope he's moved on to a new territory.

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