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Saturday, December 31, 2016

#Birds trying to rush through winter

Winter is my favorite time of year, especially after the New Year begins. It is a calm, peaceful time for me to regroup and re-energize. But I’ve barely had a time to sit back and the first signs of spring are already rushing ahead.

Today we had starlings in the ceiling of the Wild Birds Unlimited store in East Lansing scoping out nesting sites. Squabbles and squawks about territory were going on early in the morning up where the air vent leads into building. They usually just fly in and out but we had one venture further to the ceiling tiles above the front of the store.

Dolly was sound asleep until, “tick, tick, tick”, the pitter patter of teeny feet crossed overhead. I cracked a panel open and the curious bird flew down to investigate. I was waiting with the camera to snap a photo of the exciting time. Two swoops through the store and I picked up Dolly, propped open the door and let him fly free.

Males select the nest site and then females choose a male with the best site. Resident males start checking out nest sites in winter until March. Starlings will nest in just about any cavity, but prefer holes in buildings (barns and open warehouses, signs, and in soffits) and in birdhouses and woodpecker holes or natural cavities in trees.

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