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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Beast! - A new indestructible suet feeder

Built by the same people that developed our innovative Advanced Pole System (APS), The Beast is a new indestructible suet feeder! Dan Panetti, the owner of the Mequon, Wisconsin Wild Birds Unlimited store introduced us to The Beast a few months ago. He actually gave one to my brother to test locally.

Here is how Dan describes The Beast suet feeder:
  1.  The Beast is a heavy duty suet feeder
  2. It weighs over 2 pounds - more than twice the weight of an average gray squirrel!
  3. The S hook on The Beast chain fits snugly on our poles making it very difficult for a critter to remove - in the video, you see it simply hanging on APS on my deck - a raccoon has never removed it!
  4. A semi permanent method for hanging on a tree branch is already figured out - essentially it makes the feeder one with the tree until you choose to take it down and refill - a raccoon absolutely cannot remove it!
Here is my brother's review of the feeder:
I put the feeder up in a "hot" spot for squirrel activity and used a peanut butter suet. Within a day, there was a squirrel investigating. He stayed on the feeder for quite some time while I watched and seemed to be eating something. Later when I checked the feeder, there was a very small amount of suet taken along the edges. A couple days later I again saw him on the feeder for a shorter time but he did not seem to get enough to satisfy him and I haven't seen any other squirrels on that feeder again. There is a lot of bird activity on the feeder though and the cake is lasting longer without squirrels feeding. I think the feeder will work very well as a squirrel proof suet option that is readily accepted by my suet eating birds of all sorts. 

The manufacturer describes the feeder as Squirrel Proof- Aggressively Tested against red, gray, fox, and flying squirrels. Raccoon Proof- In both cases use as directed. Extremely difficult for House Sparrows to use.
Watch Dan Panetti's video at: https://youtu.be/The-Beast!

1 comment:

Tim said...

I’m trying the beast. Hopefully it foils the raccoons. They’ve destroyed every other feeder.