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Monday, December 12, 2016

What a Day!

WOW! The Open House on Saturday was Crazy! At last year’s party we had 50 people and this year we had 50 people before the party even began. Did I expect such a large turnout? Obviously not. I quickly called in my Mom for help. She rushed over with a table full of unbelievably lovely goodies and also helped me keep restocking the seed bags. My brother soon followed to help with customers' questions and hunting for seed cylinders.

Because we are a small business and because we pride ourselves in having the freshest birdseed in town, full of the nutrition the birds need to survive the cold weather, I only order enough food that I anticipate I need for a week. That way nothing is stale. Unfortunately we ran out of many things. Fortunately, another load of seed will be delivered Tuesday and even more seed and cylinders on Friday. I think the secret is out about how convenient seed cylinders are to feed a variety of birds. The number of cylinders we order has doubled since last year.

People that shop at Wild Birds Unlimited regularly have to be the nicest group around! I want to thank everyone for making the day a HUGE success! You couldn’t have been more patient with me at the cash register. I kept going as fast as I could to keep the long line moving.

Thank you very much for your continued support of the Wild Birds Unlimited East Lansing shop. I wish you every Happiness this Holiday Season and throughout the coming New Year!

Much Joy, Sarah

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