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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Baltimore Orioles birds in Florida

This tray feeder, shown in the Wild Birds Unlimited of Gainesville, FL video, also came on a 2nd pallet of seed feeders.
We had a pallet delivered this week that was loaded 6 feet high with only oriole feeders. It sounds early, but pretty soon people will start to get excited about the orioles' return to Michigan. And it takes me awhile to unbox too.

In this shipment there is the standard orange Recycled Plastic feeder with two removable cups to hold grape jelly and two pegs for orange halves. The cups may also be used to feed mealworms, peanuts, chopped fruit, suet nuggets, and a variety of other foods. 

Then there is one of our most popular beginner or gift feeders, the Oriole Flower Feeder, which is a dainty feeder with a orange bowl and stakes for orange halves.

And my favorite unique Saucer Oriole feeder that offers three ways to attract orioles with nectar, oranges, and jelly. I'm so excited because this year they added bee guards. YEAH! If you have this feeder already, I ordered just the extra Bee Guards too.

Most Baltimore Orioles spend the winter in Florida as well as Central and South America. Their journey north begins at the end of April. By early May, male orioles should reach their breeding grounds in the northern United States. You can watch their migration at the Journey North website.

In the meantime Wild Birds Unlimited of Gainesville, FL has recorded a really fun five minute Baltimore Oriole blitz with bonus footage of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/zR89C8Sp_3c
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