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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fat birds have a better chance of surviving a storm

Most birds have a special middle-ear receptor which can sense incredibly small changes in barometric pressure. So if the activity at feeders suddenly becomes much more intense a storm may be approaching.

Birds know that when the snow begins to fly it will cover up their natural food sources. A bird needs to increase their fat reserves by as much as 1-10% per day. Feeders make it easier for wild birds to build up reserves to brave a storm.

Almost every person that came in to the Wild Birds Unlimited - East Lansing store today reported a "feeding frenzy" at the bird feeders. Many said they feed year round and others started to feed earlier than usual this year on my recommendation. The reward was a lot of birds including several cardinal pairs that decided their yard was going to be the territory headquarters.

Today even though the the snow isn’t deep the high winds make flying difficult. I’m watching some birds that seem to be flying in place, while other birds like the Blue Jays seem to be able to navigate and take advantage of the wind. They zoom in at the feeder like a bullet.

Anyone that is not having trouble keeping your feeders full, check your seed. If birds are skipping you feeder in these chilly temperatures than the food is probably stale or moldy. When every calorie counts, birds can’t waste their energy on below standard food.

I encourage you to keep your seed and suet feeders filled as the cold weather persists. If you don’t like to go out and fill the feeder every day, try the seed cylinder feeders. A solid seed cylinder can last weeks and feed a wide variety of birds.

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