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Monday, February 20, 2017

#GreatBackyardBirdcount #GBBC: 2017 Halftime Update

Jungle Owlet in India
February 19, 2017
Nearly 5,000 species have been reported so far, including stunners documented with photos such as Blakiston’s Fish-Owl in Japan, and Jungle Owlet in India.

Compared to the very cold winters of the past two years, this year’s GBBC has been relatively warm. Some early migrants (e.g., geese, Sandhill Cranes) have been seen on the move. There has also been more open water around, which has increased the diversity of waterfowl in northern areas. Another species dependent on open water, Belted Kingfisher, has been able to stay farther north this winter than it has in the past couple colder winters when more ponds and rivers have frozen.

Kirtland’s Warbler on Key Biscayne
Never-before-seen in the United States during the GBBC is a Kirtland’s Warbler on Key Biscayne, just outside of Miami. One of the rarest warblers in the world, Kirtland’s Warbler breeds almost exclusively in Michigan and winters almost exclusively in the Bahamas. This bird may have moved to Florida instead due to hurricane damage in the Bahamas (or could just be an explorer!). It was nicely photographed for the GBBC.

The GBBC is about 12% ahead of  last year at this point:
Checklists: 78,119
Species: 4,928

The numbers change fast, so check out the world rankings to see the latest.

In the United States, the top 10 right now for the number of checklists submitted:
Bald Eagle by Bill Gordon, Massachusetts, 2017 GBBC

New York
North Carolina

See the latest numbers for the U.S. and how your state is doing in comparison. If you click on the name of a state, you can see exactly what birds have been reported there.

Let’s keep this great Great GREAT Backyard Bird Count going strong!

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