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Friday, March 24, 2017

Photo Share: Beauty and The BEAST!

The Beast is a new indestructible suet feeder! Dan Panetti, the owner of the Mequon, Wisconsin Wild Birds Unlimited store introduced us to The Beast a few months ago. He sent me some OUTSTANDING photographs of all The Beauties he's attracted to The Beast suet feeder.
Why is it called The Beast? Once you pick it up, it's self explanatory. There is no critter in the backyard that can destroy it. Dan even took this picture: "Here's a photo you can use in your store which serves as a testimonial to it's strength and durability. (You really need the right Knucklehead truck driver to pull this off)"
Thank you for sharing your photos! If anyone else would like to share a photograph of nature send it to bloubird@gmail.com with a description and permission to post it on the Friday Photo.

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