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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bird that sounds like a baby crying

I keep hearing an animal calling in my heavily wooded back yard. I first thought it was a cat. It's very repetitive. Sometimes it sounds just like a mew and sometimes just a weird wail like a baby crying.

Gray Catbirds are moving through the area! Most catbirds winter in the tropics of Mexico and Central America where fruit is plentiful. They show up to nest in Michigan from April to May.

Catbirds often announces their presence by singing a series of musical whistles and catlike meows, mixed up with mimicry of other birds' songs. They may start singing before dawn and can continue until after dark.

Once you hear them calling, look for them in dense underbrush as they forage for insects or dropped fruit. They may also visit oriole or suet feeders. Gray Catbirds are slim, gray birds about 8 ½ inches long with a dapper black cap and rusty red feathers under their tail.

Gray Catbirds nest in dense thickets, along forest edges, streamsides, and old fields. They build a bulky cup nest for an average 4 turquoise-colored eggs, which are incubated by the female and hatch in about 2 weeks. Young are cared for by both parents and leave the nest in about another 2 weeks. A mated pair may raise two broods in a season. See a video: https://vimeo.com/151960958

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