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Monday, May 29, 2017

Bald eagle named Beauty with her 3D printed prosthetic beak

This image is a before and after photo of Beauty the Bald Eagle, who was shot in the beak and received a pioneering, 3D printed prosthetic beak. 

First recovered in Alaska, Beauty was found badly injured, unable to eat, and fighting for her life. Her top beak had been shot off by a poacher, and she’d been left to die. Raptor biologist Janie Veltkamp brought Beauty to her raptor center, Birds of Prey Northwest in Idaho. To give Beauty a chance at life, Janie led the team of mechanical engineers, veterinarians and dentists, to make a 3D bionic beak that can be used to preen her feathers, drink and eat. 

Beauty’s story captures both the cruelty and compassion of humankind,” says Janie, who receives countless inquiries about Beauty from around the world, including from students, teachers, families, wildlife rehabilitators, scientists, engineers, and 3D printer users. Download the education guide at: http://www.birdsofpreynorthwest.org/beauty-and-the-beak.html

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