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Monday, May 22, 2017

Birds nest pictures

This nest blew out of a tree, but it was so pretty I thought I'd share a picture.. it actually is prettier in person.

Thank you for sharing the photo with us! The Wild Birds Unlimited store in East Lansing also has a thing of beauty growing in our front sign. Some House Sparrows have been building a masterpiece. Dolly (cat) has been fascinated with the long pieces of grass they are struggling to carry up to their hom'e'.

Nests are structures built, or modified, to provide some security from the hazards of the world outside. They vary enormously among species in their form, size and composition. Although there is enough similarity in nest design for a nest connoisseur to recognize which species built a nest, we do not know how a bird knows what nest shape/size to build. It is possible that a bird comes into the world with a template that provides the basic information as to what a nest should be like and how it should be constructed, but learns during the construction process to improve building performance.
It is not out of the question that birds learn about nest materials and construction while in the nest, so one would expect to see significant similarity between the nests built by parents and offspring.

Source: Nest building by birds

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