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Monday, May 15, 2017

Small blue bird at thistle feeder

We've had a lot of calls lately about a small deep blue bird on the finch feeders. The Indigo buntings have arrived! They are little birds about the same size as goldfinches. Females are brown with buff wingbars. The Indigo male can look almost black until the sun hits and you view the most brilliant blue bird. They are a common migrant and breeder in Michigan from May until September.

Indigo buntings breed in brushy and weedy areas at the edge of openings like the edges of farm fields, or along rivers, roads or railroad tracks.

These Indigo buntings may fly as far as 2000 miles between their wintering and breeding grounds. If they hear a lot of bird activity in your yard they may stop by and spend a few days at the feeders that contain Nyger Thistle or No-Mess blend which has the sunflower chips, peanuts, and millet without the hulls.

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