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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Why raccoons wear a mask

Photo via Holly: "One of our 5 babies (trouble makers:) Too cute!”

Just why do Raccoons wear a mask? Probably not because they are night time feeder bandits. Maybe just as the ancient Egyptians used kohl eye makeup to protect their eyes from the harsh glare of the sun, the black around the eyes helps ‘coons see better at night by reducing glare. Or the black fur may emphasizes their eyes for display behaviors, like mating rituals or aggressive posturing.

And just look at those feet and hands! The most important sense for the raccoon is their sense of touch. The "hyper sensitive" front paws are protected by a thin horny layer which becomes pliable when wet. This makes their sense of touch enhanced when underwater.

I know they can be little monsters but with diminishing green spaces it's impressive that they have adapted to human-dominated landscapes. Please do not attempt to trap and remove raccoons from the property. Not only could you be taking a momma away from nursing babies, trapping and removing these intelligent beasties will do nothing for long-term control, as the newly vacant niche will quickly be filled by raccoons from surrounding areas. Relocating raccoons—even to wild or wooded areas—is illegal in many places and will likely result in their death.

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