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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bug that buzzes in the summer

Cicada molting
I was just carrying seed to a customer's car and heard my first long buzzing sound announcing we've hit full summer. Cicadas are insects that live underground for years and come to the surface every July so the males can buzz for mates.

His buzz is made by vibrating membranes on the abdomen. A female cicada that finds a male attractive will respond to his buzz call with a brisk movement of the wings. The male can both see and hear this “wing flick,” and will reply with more clicking of his tymbals. As the duet continues, the male makes his way toward her and begins a new song called the “courtship call.”

In Michigan, Cicadas don’t have too much effect on humans one way or another. They don’t bite or sting. Their lifespan is typically from two to five years and their emergence from underground is staggered so some individuals emerge each year.

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