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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Daddy goldfinches feed babies

I like baby chickadees' little voices as well as the begging calls of other baby birds but there is just something about a baby goldfinches squeaky voices that bring me great joy! Yesterday I heard the first batch at my feeders at the Wild Birds Unlimited store in East Lansing. It seems like they are a couple weeks ahead of schedule. So make sure your feeders are clean and full of fresh seed. They like Nyjer® (thistle) or sunflower seed at the feeders.
Adorable baby American Goldfinches right outside my window!
Male goldfinches play a key roll in creating a family. American Goldfinches generally begin nesting in late June or early July. Females incubate the eggs for an average of 15 days while males bring food to the nest and feed females via regurgitation. After the chicks hatch, males take on most of the responsibility for looking after the chicks. Females chase intruders away from the nest, forage, and also contribute to feeding the chicks through regurgitation. Chicks can fly in an average of 14 days, but are dependent on their parents for roughly 3 or 4 additional weeks.
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