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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Snow birds flock under feeders

Right before the snow hit I had a huge wave of at least 25 Dark-eyed Juncos fly in under the feeders. Juncos spend their summers further north in the in the coniferous zones of the northern United States and Canada. They venture south starting in October to spend the whole winter with us in mid-Michigan.

Dark-eyed juncos usually hop or walk to move along the ground. They are social during fall and winter spending the days in flocks of 15 to 25 birds. These flocks can mix in with other native sparrows.

Dark-eyed juncos usually migrate to the same area every winter. Each flock stays in an area about 10 to 12 acres in size. There is a social hierarchy within the winter flocks. Males are dominant over females and adults are dominant over the younger birds. Dominant birds rush at or peck at other birds to chase them away.

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