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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Brown bird with stripes on belly

House finches are a welcome visitor to backyard bird feeders. While the male is a brown bird with bright red head, throat, and rump, the female at his side is sometimes overlooked. Her brownish overall appearance with stripes down her chest help her blend in with her surroundings. Watch for them as they mix in with sparrows at the feeders looking for sunflower, nyjer (thistle), and safflower seeds. I always know they are at the window feeder because both the male and female House Finches give a fussy little cheep call as they position themselves at the feeder.

They are year-round residents in mid-Michigan. They get their name "house" because they like to hang around our houses. In fact by the end of March make sure to take down any winter wreaths or you may find a finch family claiming it as the perfect place for a nest.

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