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Monday, March 19, 2018

Squirrels tearing up feeders

I need a finch feeder that is attractive and also that flying squirrels cannot eat through and virtually destroy the feeder.  Suggestions? 

Wild Birds Unlimited finch feeders have a Quick-clean base, are easy to fill, and have a lifetime guarantee. There are two popular styles. One is a stabilized, polycarbonate tube that has a perches for the birds to stand on and pick a seed from a slit in a tube. Or my favorite is the Quick-clean Nyjer Mesh Finch Feeders where finches cling to any open spot, to allow a dozen birds to feed at once!

Make sure to use only straight Nyjer® (thistle). It does not grow, attracts mainly goldfinches, and deters squirrels and raccoons. Most commercial finch blends contain canary seed, rape seed or flax seed. Studies show these cheaper seeds are not popular with the birds but do attract rodents.
Feeders are the easiest way to attract American Goldfinches but you can also garden for the birds. These little vegetarians eat a variety of flower seeds like Marigolds, Zinnias, Cosmos, Brown eyed Susans or Coneflowers. And those dry seeds always make a body thirsty. Set up a shallow bird bath and you will see the finches zip by for sips throughout the day.

And if all else fails, you can always bring your feeders in at night. You might be able to spot them at dusk as they whip around the yard looking for food but most flying squirrels are nocturnal.

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