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Monday, April 30, 2018

When is it too late to put up a tree swallow nest box?

The first Tree Swallows can arrive in Michigan mid-March through April, but bad weather may delay them as late as early May. Nest building begins at end of April to early May (sometimes 5 to 6 weeks after arrival.) It is best to have your bird house cleaned out and ready by February. However weather, or failure of the first nest may require them to abandon one house in search of another unoccupied house that was put up later.

Like bluebirds, Tree Swallows are secondary cavity nesters, meaning they depend on pre-existing nest sites like old woodpecker nests or manmade nest-boxes. They are big bug eaters so their habitat is usually near areas with water, such as fields, marshes, meadows, shorelines, beaver ponds, and wooded swamps.  

Salis.org explains: In late April to Mid-May one egg is laid each day with 4-7 eggs per nest. But sometimes adults leave the nest for days while nesting if they have to forage far away. That makes them very vulnerable to House Sparrow attacks. If this happens you may have to try and install a Sparrow Spooker to deter sparrows or switch the house to a slot nest.

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