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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hummingbirds loading up!

Hummingbirds are the only birds that can hover in still air for 30 seconds or more. The wings of some species flap up to a hundred times per second. Having a feeder up close lets you watch them in action.
In July, after chicks fledge you may see an increase of hummingbird activity at the feeders. The numbers of birds feeding will grow and then decline as migration begins in late summer and early fall. You will literally see these tiny, skinny hummingbirds loading up for several days and turn into round, rolly-polly birds. Then when the perfect wind blows they head south.

The first wave to depart is mainly made up of male hummingbirds, followed by the females and then the young. In addition to your loyal, frequently feeding hummingbirds, migrants from farther north may stop for a rest and a sugar-water pick-me-up as they are passing through. So keep your feeders clean and full of fresh nectar. If they find you on the way south, they will find you again on the way north next spring.

Keeping your feeders up in the fall will NOT cause hummers to delay migration. Many factors trigger birds to migrate, but the strongest one is day length. As days grow shorter in late summer, hummingbirds get restless and start to head south, regardless of whether there are feeders around.

In fact, several hummingbird accounts in Birds of North America Online also note that feeders may help hummingbirds survive in early spring or late fall when flowers are not in bloom.

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