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Friday, August 10, 2018

Photo Share: Eastern Phoebe

Nottingham Nature Nook came in to Wild Birds Unlimited for more mealworms to feed their rescued baby birds. Cheryl is just releasing the Eastern Phoebes that came in as little pipsqueaks. This will give them enough time to learn how to forage and fatten up before they feel the urge to migrate south in September.

They winter along the Gulf Coast and especially heavy concentrations in eastern central Texas and Florida.  Southern limits extend well into Mexico along the Atlantic Coast and in the interior, south to central Veracruz, and west to Chihuahua and also in the Bahamas.

The Eastern Phoebe generally perches low in trees or on fencelines. Phoebes are very active, making short flights to capture insects and very often returning to the same perch. They make sharp “peep” calls in addition to their familiar “phoebe” vocalizations. When perched, Eastern Phoebes wag their tails down and up frequently.

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