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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Black cat adoption at Wild Birds Unlimited

Found him in the Wild Birds Unlimited seed delivery!
He's a handful

Cats Protection, an animal charity, started National Black Cat Day on October 27th to recognize the beautiful black cats in our lives and raise awareness of those still waiting for a loving home. I've always found black cats to be very lovable and exceptionally smart.

How many people does it take to rescue a kitten?

On September 11th I came in to the Wild Birds Unlimited store and heard a constant, mournful, wailing coming from under the two tons of seed from our bi-weekly delivery. With a flashlight I saw two huge green cat eyes peeping out at me. But I couldn't convince him to come out!
Newton and Scout sleeping the good sleep after hours of running around the house.
I called my mom and she called my brother and sister. Then with my mom sweet talking the kitten and my dad and nephew helping me unload the seed as fast as possible, we were able to rescue the baby and bring him indoors. My brother volunteer to take it home that night and the cat is now living happily ever after, with a big orange brother to keep a close eye on him and take care of him.
I'm sure he'll grow into those ears.

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