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Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Beast suet feeder has many advantages

We created our own suet cage because the openings on the retail ones are too big. However, the raccoons and some other animals have managed to pry the suet out through bars. Are there alternatives?
Built by the same people that developed our innovative Advanced Pole System (APS), The Beast is an indestructible suet feeder!

The Beast suet feeder has many advantages:
  1.  The Beast is a heavy duty suet feeder with openings too small for little mammal mouths to reach in but perfect for birds. The bars are so thick there is no way for critters to bend or chew through the feeder.
  2. It weighs over 2 pounds - more than twice the weight of an average gray squirrel!
  3. The S hook on The Beast chain fits snugly on our poles making it very difficult for a critter to remove - in the video, you see it simply hanging on APS deck set-up - a raccoon has never removed it!
  4. You can also convert the Beast into a starling stumping suet feeder. By hooking the chain to the edge of your suet cage the weight of the feeder is balanced and the feeder hangs level horizontally. Blackbirds can’t cling to the bottom of the cage to feed. This is a quick fix to keep the voracious blackbirds from eating all your suet in the spring. 
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