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Monday, November 26, 2018

Keep bird feeders free of mold

At the Wild Birds Unlimited East Lansing, MI store we clean feeders every day for $5.00 each and I have been cleaning a lot of feeders lately. In wet weather, the seed in the feeders might become moldy which very dangerous for the birds. 

If you are having trouble keeping your seed dry and fresh after a wet weather, two products that I recommend are weather guards and feeder fresh.

A WBU Weather Guard is designed to keep bad weather from spoiling your seed in the tube. This is a clear plastic dome that slips on top of most of our WBU tube feeders. It will not deter birds from feeding, in fact, many enjoy feeding under the shelter and out of the wet weather. It has a lifetime guarantee and is made in the USA.

And I recommend Feeder Fresh very highly. Yes, it works. I use it myself in bad weather. It is a desiccant that you add to the seed when you fill the feeder. It absorbs excess water, is safe for birds, and made from non-toxic absorbent sand. Feeder Fresh keeps the seed in the feeder dry, keeps molds from forming, which reduces the chance of molds.
Once the Feeder Fresh absorbs its own weight in water it will discontinue absorbing, and be identical to the silica grit that birds normally ingest. It's also made in the USA. Feeder Fresh keeps my feeders free of mold which makes it easier for me to maintain clean healthy feeders.

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