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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Download a checklist of Michigan birds

My mom is becoming an avid bird watcher. We have a Birds of Michigan book that we have been using to help identify all of the new birds at the feeders. However, she is currently using a post-it note to keep track of the new birds we are seeing. I was wondering if you carry an easy to use journal of sorts that she can record the birds that she sees?

Birds are fascinating and so much fun to observe! You can download a checklist of Michigan birds from Michigan Audubon or visit Wikipedia’s List of birds of Michigan.

To help you organize your personal list throughout the seasons, Wild Birds Unlimited - East Lansing has a Birding Journal. It also has tips, trivia and blank pages for notes and sketches.

Birding Journal: Through the Seasons – by Vanessa Sorensen

Enjoy a variety of options for recording your favorite birding moments:

- Note which birds you see
- Document the birds eating at your feeder
- Compare first arrivals from year to year
- Keep track of your life list and other checklists

The Birding Journal also includes tidbits about birding-related topics, including information about attracting birds to your yard, tips to maintain bird houses, and lists of national birding hotspots.

Whether you're a beginning bird watcher or a seasoned birder, this beautiful journal is a book you'll use again and again.

https://lansingwbu.blogspot.com/2016/07/birds-of-michigan-field-guide.htmlAnd if you enjoy the Birds of Michigan book, you will also enjoy listening to the birds featured on the pages. Birds of Michigan Field Guide Audio CD is a great tool for learning more about the common birds in our area.

The companion CD will help you start recognizing birds by sound when you listen, featuring the highest quality digital recordings and approximately 120 minutes of bird calls.

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