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Saturday, February 23, 2019

The bluebirds are back in town looking for housing

I saw a bluebird at my seed cylinder feeder. Should I put out anything else for the them?
The Eastern Bluebirds gather in large family flocks at the end of nesting season and live more in the woods. They forage on fruit, nuts, and berries, exactly what is in the Wild Birds Unlimited seed cylinders. If you have fruiting trees or bluebird feeders and a reliable source of water, you may also host the bluebirds year-round
Providing food for bluebirds during the winter and early spring helps increase their chances of survival in bad weather. Most people that feed bluebirds give them mealworms. Besides mealworms, they will also eat seed cylinders, suet nuggets, or nuts.

Wild Birds Unlimited (Athens, GA)
With the day getting longer, the birds are becoming more active. Nesting season is just around the corner. Make sure your houses are ready and feeders and baths are full. If your yard looks welcoming they may just stay around to raise a family.

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