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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Chickadee nest builder

Does the male or female chickadee build the nest?
A nesting site is usually selected by the female. But both male and female chickadees help in preparing the natural cavity or bird house. Males follow the females around, sometimes offering food treats, as she collects nesting material. The base of her cup-shaped nest, is usually moss, pine needles and other coarse material. Then she cushions it with grasses and lines it with softer material like cotton or rabbit fur.

Nest construction usually takes three to four days. Once it is finished the chickadee may wait a few more days before laying a clutch of eggs. They wait for good weather and also build up their energies. A clutch of six or seven eggs is an enormous drain on the female. The beginning of June is usually when you will see the results of chickadees’ first nesting.

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