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Saturday, April 13, 2019

More hummingbirds at the feeder

Is it true that having more than one hummingbird feeder attracts more hummingbirds?

In Michigan hummingbirds are very territorial. In fact our Ruby-throated are the most aggressive hummingbirds. But what about all those videos of hummingbirds bumping each other gently to get a seat at the feeders? Those hummers are hungry and probably loading up to migrate. Once they hit Michigan, nesting season begins, and that means territories are drawn and fiercely fought over until nesting season ends June or July.

So how do I get more hummingbirds? In general, more nectar means more birds. Multiple feeders help if you have an aggressive bird that is chasing other hummers away. And add more hanging baskets and native flowers in the garden. There is no way he can guard all the food all the time. If you space your feeders apart, in the front and backyard or just out of sight of the others, you give the girls a chance to eat in peace.

Females like to take advantage of a quick meal at the feeders. They do all the nest building and family rearing alone, leaving the males to fuss over territories. Multiple feeders, spread throughout your yard is a great way to encourage more hummingbirds to visit and keep the peace in your yard.

Hummingbirds find feeders by sight so hang the feeder where they will be able to see it as they fly over. Also a new feeder may be found sooner if hung near a flower garden or hanging flower basket.

And always make sure your nectar is fresh and the correct one part white sugar to four parts water solution. In hot weather you should clean your feeder at least twice a week even if there are no hummingbirds feeding. If a hummingbird comes by to check out your new feeder and finds it filled with spoiled food, they won’t return anytime soon. Watch the video for more fun facts: https://youtu.be/4Uoj7_qZRls

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